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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Bowl Predictions!

Here, as promised are my college bowl predictions. Last year I placed in the top 250 in the world on with my sheet of predictions (with confidence levels), hopefully this year finishes in the same way!

(Predicted winner in bold, Confidence level is out of 26, every confidence point 1-26 can only be used once, 1 for being least confident, 26 most)

Purdue (8-5) vs. Central Michigan (8-6) Confidence: 24

Texas (10-3) vs. Arizona State (10-3) Confidence: 5

Boston College (11-3) vs. Michigan State (7-6) Confidence: 18

TCU (8-5) vs. Houston (8-5) Confidence: 4

Oregon State (9-4) vs. Maryland (6-7) Confidence: 21

Wake Forest (9-4) vs. Connecticut (9-4) Confidence: 17

UCF (10-4) vs. Mississippi State (8-5) Confidence: 16

Penn State (9-4) vs. Texas A&M (7-6) Confidence: 15

Alabama (7-6) vs. Colorado (6-7) Confidence: 12

California (7-6) vs. Air Force (9-4) Confidence: 6

Georgia Tech (7-6) vs. Fresno State (9-4) Confidence: 19

South Florida (9-4) vs. Oregon (9-4) Confidence: 10

Kentucky (8-5) vs. Florida State (7-6) Confidence: 8

Oklahoma State (7-6) vs. Indiana (7-6) Confidence: 9

Clemson (9-4) vs. Auburn (9-4) Confidence: 3

Tennessee (9-4) vs. Wisconsin (9-3) Confidence: 1

Missouri (11-2) vs. Arkansas (8-4) Confidence: 20

Texas Tech (8-4) vs. Virginia (9-3) Confidence: 11

Florida (9-3) vs. Michigan (8-4) Confidence: 22

USC (10-2) vs. Illinois (9-3) Confidence: 14

Georgia (10-2) vs. Hawaii (12-0) Confidence: 13

Oklahoma (11-2) vs. West Virginia (10-2) Confidence: 23

Virginia Tech (11-2) vs. Kansas (11-1) Confidence: 7

Rutgers (7-5) vs. Ball State (7-5) Confidence: 25

Tulsa (9-4) vs. Bowling Green (8-4) Confidence: 2

LSU (11-2) vs. Ohio State (11-1) Confidence: 26

Sorry for being late, I've just been busy with the family stuff for the holidays!

I hope you're enjoying the College-Bowl Season as much as I am...other than the fact that the officials and commentators were unbelievably bias against Florida State in the Music City Bowl...

(even though with 30+ players suspended, FSU played tight and close)
Thanks again!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Everyone's Favorite Time of Year

No one can say this season of college football has been a let-down. This season had more ups and downs than a Richard Simmons workout tape, within every week a top 10 team fell to an unlikely opponent, numerous #2's fell like flies, and at the final whistle of the year, the #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia lost.

Even though West Virginia was my pre-season pick to win it all, they had me at the edge of my seat every week after losing to USF. They worked their way back up into the #2 spot but couldn't hold it just like many predecessors.

Heading into BCS Selection Sunday where the computers and opinion polls are all put together to find out who plays who in the prestigious bowls, the title game was up for grabs. Who could be in? Georgia, LSU, USC, Kansas, Ohio State all had shots.

Now, as the bowls are all laid out and ready to be played, I will supply a list of what I feel like are the can't miss bowls of the year:

December 22nd- PapaJohn' Bowl - Cincinnati vs. Southern Miss
Why: Southern Miss coach Bower just resigned which makes the student body ecstatic, and the team has a bunch of talent waiting to shine, while Cincinnati has shown it is progressing and making the Big East a little bit stronger.

December 27th- Pacific Life Holiday Bowl - Texas vs. Arizona St.
Why: Even though Texas hasn't been as strong since Vince Yount, Jamaal Charles has begun to look like real NFL RB. Arizona St on the other hand has been in the title picture during most of the season but at the end fell like most. Texas and Arizona St. is a must see for these early bowl games on the list.

December 29th- AutoZone Liberty Bowl - UCF vs. Mississippi St.
Why: I don't know if anyone remembers, but in 2004 UCF didn't win a game in the entire Conference USA, but in 2007 win Conference USA and show in their brand new stadium that they are growing as a team in Florida. It will be tough to play arguably the worst team in the SEC, and it will be a true test towards this new team.

December 29th- Alamo Bowl - Penn St. vs. Texas A&M
Why: Will Joe Paterno win another bowl with his 400k/year contract? Texas A&M has been disappointing with early losses but will strive to make their season a success with a win over a strong Penn St. team in their own Alamo Bowl.

December 30th- Independence Bowl - Colorado vs. Alabama
Why: This is basically a matchup of coaches, Nick Saban will work on this Alabama team and eventually make them title contenders, and this is the start. Colorado isn't afraid of beating the better team, so watch for a close one.

December 31st- Sun Bowl - USF vs. Oregon
Why: Weren't both these teams title contenders this year at one point? Watch this game and see where the spark went.

December 31st- Chick-Fil-A Bowl - Auburn vs. Clemson
Why: Arguably the best non-major post January bowl, storied SEC vs ACC battle it out. Don't miss it.

December 31st- Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl - FSU vs. Kentucky
Why: FSU hopes to finish the season on another high note like last year when they defeated UCLA in the Emerald Bowl by beating a hyped up Kentucky team, while Kentucky hopes to take this exciting season to a nice ending.

January 1st- AT&T Cotton Bowl - Missouri vs. Arkansas
Why: Two Heisman candidates in Chase Daniels and Darren McFadden, need I say more?

January 1st- Capitol One Bowl - Michigan vs. Florida
Why: After an embarrassing week one loss to App St. Michigan hopes to end the season a little bit differently by beating a young sharp Tim Tebow and the Gators. Tim Tebow will be getting off of an injury (Broken Hand) from the game against FSU. Who knows how that will effect the game.

January 1st- Rose Bowl - USC vs. Illinois
Why: Arguably the hottest team in the nation USC will try to kill the happy-go-lucky Fighting Illini at home in the Rose Bowl. Illinois is just happy to be there, but will still give USC a run.

January 1st- Sugar Bowl - Hawaii vs. Georgia
Why: Hawaii actually plays a team now! Georgia will be highly upset about being jumped in the final BCS standings and will try to crush the Warriors in their debut. But, in all, Hawaii will finally get some money and be able to afford better facilities.

January 2nd- Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma vs. West Virginia
Why: West Virginia was my pick to go all the way from the beginning, Pat White and Steve Slaton were the reason, watch this game to see that.

January 3rd- Orange Bowl - Virginia Tech vs. Kansas
Why: An emotional year for the Hokies leads to an Orange Bowl appearance and Kansas has a breakout year, this will be a fun game to watch on both sides

January 7th- BCS National Title - LSU vs. Ohio State
Why: My opinion is that the SEC will again show the Big 10 that they have no business in the BCS Title game, but you never know, maybe the Buckeyes will try to make up for what happened last time they faced an SEC team in the National Title...last year...Gators...41-14


Stay tuned, my next article will be a complete list of bowl predictions, watch for your team!