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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well, Who Saw it Coming?


First let me link you to an article I wrote on YardBarker a few weeks ago... /32262 ...I guess we didn't take my advice and root hard enough against Ohio State to prevent them from making it to the BCS Title Game, and we had to suffer through another excuse for a football game. Could these past few National Title Games be any worse? I would hate to be a Ohio State fan right now.
-Yes, this is coming from a Florida State Seminole fan.

Now that the BCS National Title "Game" is over with we can all break down the game into the nitty-gritty whys and why-nots for both LSU and Ohio State! But, I wish the world were run without the mandatory politically correct, non-biased analysis that is shown on TV everywhere.

The answer is simple: Ohio State is stuck in the past, has no speed to match up with the better teams, and no style and grace. Yeah, Chris Wells who ran over LSU a bunch of times shed some light on how pathetic OSU was against a far better team. I mean, OSU runs a good old-school football game, but when they play anyone in the top 20 (which they haven't beat all year, which makes them the only school ever to make it to the National Title game having not beat a top 20 team all season) they have trouble competing with the speed and finesse the opponent brings to the table. Les Miles and LSU have speed, guts, and trickery. Even though LSU didn't utilize their two-quarterback scheme, it was still there enough to scare OSU. Florida's new-age offense did it last year.

Michigan has the right idea. Bring in Rich Rodriguez who will get the right recruits to bring the big blue into the 2000's.

But, I just hope, next time we catch the problem early and hopefully we can stop it early enough...that means ALL OF YOU COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS!

But, in all, Congratulations to Louisiana State University for their National Title Game...thanks should go to all the top teams throughout the season for losing at some point to let LSU compose themselves again and march into the Title Game.

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