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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A.I. Always Welcome In Philly

 It has been over 15 months since the Answer, Allen Iverson, was sent from Philadelphia to Denver; but tonight, AI and the Nuggets returned to Philadelphia to play the 76ers, bringing AI back to Philadelphia for the first time since the trade.

AI spent over 10 seasons with Philly, taking them to an NBA Finals and winning an MVP. He turned a once prestigious organization back into one when they were in a time of suffering. The 76ers were a laughing stock when they drafted AI out of Georgetown with the first pick of the 1996 NBA Draft.

During the introductions, AI was greeted in Philadelphia with a standing ovation and a huge uproar of an applause. Nothing could have been better for a man that has done so much for an organization both on the court and off. This future hall-of-famer is one of the most easily recognizable people of the NBA, noted for his natural appearance and his laid-back, "gangster" attitude. He is always known for his "Practice?!??!" speech and his "ghetto-swag," but he truly is a great NBA basketball player and personality.

Unfortunately for AI and the Nuggets, they left Philadelphia tonight with a loss, certainly not helping their chase for the playoffs. Even though the Nuggets have won 7 more games than the 76ers, the Nuggets would not make the playoffs while the East-lying 76ers would be a 6 seed if the season ended tomorrow.


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