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Friday, September 28, 2007

Beating A Dead Horse...or Leprechaun

After watching the Monday Night Football mini-show with Bill Parcells and Keyshawn Johnson I couldn't help but feel the urge to express my feelings on the Notre Dame subject matter through a blog.

Parcells and Johnson were on the subject of Notre Dame's 0-4 start. Parcells and Johnson both agreed that the Fighting Irish are lacking speed and strong recruiting. Parcells added that most of the independent teams such as Cincinnati and Boston College have joined conferences and dramatically improved their recruiting.

Well, Notre Dame will NEVER join a conference, simply because they are known for being independent, have their own TV contract and have free roaming capabilities of scheduling with no worries of conference restrictions. Notre Dame will and always have top prospects consider going to the land of Green and Gold simply because of the name and what the school stands for.

But, as for the struggle of Notre Dame, it can be blamed on easy defense. The End. Either ND doesn't have the talent pool they usually have or the coaching is struggling. It could be one thing, it could be a mix of things, but whatever it is, Notre Dame is 0-4, has one of the worst offenses (if not the worst) in the nation, and is seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.

Either way, Notre Dame is bad right now, it is up to THEM to fix it, not us, so let's stop worrying about it and watch some football.

Now, I understand it is their jobs to analyze and tell us, the viewers, what it is that Notre Dame has to fix, but every analyst has stated the same jibberish, Notre Dame is NOT producing in any area of the game... I think thats all we need to hear. Let's move on to other subjects, here I'll provide a list.

1: Will the Championship game be USC vs LSU
2: Michigan State is 4-0
3: Saban's Tide
4: Florida's Tebow, first sophomore Heisman?
5: The U, on their way back?
6: Oklahoma over/underrated?

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