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Monday, October 1, 2007

Top 25 Earthquake!

This Saturday started like normal. I woke up, I made a bagel and sat down to read the daily newspaper. I anxiously waited one o'clock to strike for the opening kickoff of today's great match-ups. South Florida's win over West Virginia (#5) just wasn't enough for me.

I sat in my uncomfortable apartment chair all day watching some of the best, or maybe its the worst, college football. There is no way I can describe today's action other than shocking. I simply cannot wait the revealing of the top 25 late Sunday.

If I were to have my way it would look like this:

3 Cal
4 Ohio State
5 Wisconsin
6 Kentucky
7 Boston College
9 Oklahoma
10 Florida
11 South Carolina
12 Georgia
13 West Virginia
14 Virginia Tech
15 Hawaii
16 Rutgers
17 Oregon
18 Missouri
19 Cincinnati
20 Texas
21 Arizona State
22 Clemson
23 Nebraska
24 Florida State
25 Purdue

But, as for my input on what we have seen today, I have to say I wasn't completely shocked to see West Virginia go down to USF as USF won the meeting last year, and WV seems to forget they have Steve Slaton on the team. I also saw the Texas loss coming as their team is nowhere near as strong as years past. Texas struggled to put a W up against UCF prior to this week. This being a main reason why Texas should be dropped as far as I have dropped them in my poll.

As for Florida's loss, I can say that I saw it coming, but I'd be lying. The only thing I can say is that Auburn brings their A-game when they play the Gators. Meanwhile, in Boulder, Colorado, the game winning field goal proved that the Sooners are beatable.

If I had to choose one team out of all of this week's losers that will bounce back even stronger it would be Oklahoma. Both sides of the ball for the Sooners are top-notch, but this loss will set them back. Lucky for them though, Florida and company lost today as well.

In other news, LSU seems to have a pretty much guaranteed spot in the BCS Championship, but could still hit some bumps now that we see any team can beat any team at any given time more than ever. But I say that LSU is pretty much golden because USC's tough schedule starting up next week, and LSU has shown that the country's best D is not letting up and the schedule from now on seems manageable.

As for my team, Florida State, I am proud that Bobby Bowden came to his senses and realized that the horrible offensive line must have a mobile quarterback that can throw...Xavier Lee is the answer.
--Here's a rough draft of my letter to Bobby Bowden, I thought you guys could get a chance to read it.

"Thank you Bobby, we won because of Lee's arm, head, legs, and your choice. Lee showed that he can throw the long ball, throw an accurate ball, run when needed and make smart choices, other than the pick when he tried to force the ball in the second half. I can see a turn around point for the 'Noles if you put more confidence in that Lee 'fella and lets him do his 'thang'. Notice that he didn't make a stupid decision when a defender is in his face and there is a clean running hole for him to get a positive chunk rather than a sack or a pick. Notice that he put the ball in a catchable spot rather than Weatherford's 10-feet-too-high balls, and notice that the team actually looked like a college team winning rather than a practice squad."

...oh...and Notre Dame lost pretty badly once again.

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