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Monday, October 22, 2007

For the Sake of College Football...

For the sake of seeing a good, competitive national championship game in January, Ohio State must lose in the next month.

I beg of everyone to root against the Buckeyes simply because if they do go undefeated and end up with a bid to play for the title then we will witness another blowout / beatdown / trampling of Ohio State.

Ohio State's remainder of the season entails Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan, and Illinois - a group of teams who's record together is 23-9. Hopefully the Buckeyes will fall to one of their Big-10 sisters and let an actual complete team gain the #1 spot and a shot at the title. Do we really need another 41-14 blowout by an actually complete team who has one loss, due to being in a far superior conference, in the championship game?

Let's face it; put the Buckeyes against LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, USC, heck or even Oregon who is only a goal-line fumble away or...(maybe my Florida State Seminoles...I wish) and Ohio State will be dominated. a fan and viewer of college football...root against THE Ohio State University.

P.S.: I have no hatred towards the Ohio State University at all, I believe that they rightfully earned the #1 spot by staying undefeated and being a respected team, but I am just saying that if they make it to the National Championship game, history of last year will repeat itself.

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