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Monday, November 5, 2007

You're Welcome LSU, Oklahoma, Oregon

Tonight, #2 Boston College, the only #2 team to not lose immediately after awarded the spot in the last 4 weeks, fell to the Florida State Seminoles. FSU's Drew Weatherford squared off against the disputed Boston College Heisman front-runner Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan, classy and poised, performed well enough to keep the Eagles in position to win, but couldn't bring the W home. Matt Ryan threw 3 INT's tonight, one that was returned for a touchdown by FSU's Geno Hayes late in the fourth quarter to put the 'Noles up by 10. Now, I'm not writing this as yet another heisman piece, but as an article to express how FSU gave LSU, Oregon, and Oklahoma an early Christmas present.

Exposing how weak of a schedule an ACC team has, and how an ACC team doesn't stand a chance against the cream of the crop (ie: Oregon, LSU, Oklahoma), Florida State took down BC to make room for an actual contender, not a pretender in the top 5 and ultimately the National Championship spot.

Focusing on the winning team's issues, FSU needed this win as a feel-good motivation boost. The last time FSU beat a top 5 team on the road was in 1999, and the last time BC lost at home was to...the Noles. FSU's Drew Weatherford showed that he is growing rapidly as a quarterback, making better decisions, throwing more accurate, and keeping the offense on the field longer to put up more points. FSU's offense was on the field for 21 minutes in the first half!

I, as a student at Florida State, hope that fellow students and fans of FSU don't think that FSU is back or in it's way back, but this is a good place to build off of.

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