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Monday, October 15, 2007

Who's tired of people thinking they know college football?

I am writing this article just to broadcast my feelings about everyone's biased and opinionated articles on the 2007 College football year, also known as 'The Year of the Upset'.

First of all, to all the people hating on the fact that some top teams are getting love by the poll-people and some teams are getting dropped faster than a bad egg: "Get over it, it makes sense." -- Seriously, take a breath and look at the facts:

-Michigan drops out from #5 completely because the polls are routinely shaken up after the first week due to it simply being a PRESEASON poll. Plus, I dont know, um, App St. is a D-2 school?
-Florida is on top of a few undefeated teams regardless of having consecutive losses placing them at 4-2 due to losing to tough SEC opponents such as #1 LSU and Auburn who was ranked in the past and moved into the top 25 after the last second field goal to beat the Gators. Not only that, but Florida lost both games in the last minute if not seconds.
-USC drops to #10 when losing at home to Stanford and Cal drops to #10 when they lose at home. Lets just look at reality, USC is better and has a better chance of winning out and coming back into the BCS bowl picture.

Now lets look at OSU and USF at the top 2 positions. I hear people saying USF is garbage and shouldn't have the #2 spot. Well who deserves it this year people? Who's going to lose next week and who are we going to have to give it to then? USF beat WV, a team people thought early in the season was going to win it all. USF beat Auburn who beat Florida. USF is killing the teams they should, and beating the good ones like they should. JUST LIKE A #2 TEAM WOULD. Yes, I agree they don't have a strong schedule but look at Ohio State in the BIG-10, is that schedule THAT much stronger?

As for the Kentucky triple overtime victory boosting them from #15 to the top 10, I completely agree with this move. Kentucky shouldn't have lost to South Carolina, but they regrouped and came back stronger than ever to beat LSU. Kentucky is for real. Their schedule is nothing to joke about, and we will see how they match up against Tim Tebow and the Gators next week.

To sum up my article, if you wanted to skip all the middle-stuff and get to the conclusion, the polls are as right as they could be, and people should stop thinking they know where teams should be better than the COACHES and people who are PAID TO ANALYZE games.

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